Thursday, July 4, 2013

Painting Julliette the Wizard: 3 of 264

   My next figure is Juliette the Wizard. This was a nice basic human (or is she an elf?) figure for me to do, to get in the swing of painting the many BONES "people" figures in the Vampire set. Like the previous figures, I did no prep work on this figure other than taking her out of her little bag, and gluing here to a black-primed fender washer. So, it wasn't until I had actually started applying the first strokes of paint that I noticed she had some minor casting flaws. As I studied the situation closely, I discovered that the hand of her extended left arm was not fully molded, missing most of the finger tips and thumb. Likewise, the other hand had poorly molded detail as well. And, I saw that the left side of her face and nose were not fully cast either. Luckily, these flaws were not so bad, that I didn't feel a nice coat of paint wouldn't help hide them, but I also decided I wasn't going to put a lot of effort into this figure, so just set about doing a functional, straight-forward paint job on her.
Julliette is the figure on the far right.
I began by doing the areas of exposed skin using Apple Barrel 'Apple Flesh', and then when dry, giving it a wash of Windsor Newton 'Peat Brown' ink.  After this, I picked out the highlighted areas with a bit of the flesh color mixed with white.  Then I began on the clothing, painting the leggings GW 'Codex Grey' and the dress Folk Art 'Burgandy'. When dry I gave the leggings a light wash with black ink.
Next step was to do the boots and the waist piece in black, highlighted with GW 'Shadow Grey'. 'Shadow Grey is my favorite color for highlighting blacks, as it has a nice blue tone to it. I also did highlighting on the dress with a bit of the Burgundy mixed with Apple Barrel 'Apple Pink', and I did her lips with a bit of the Burgundy mixed with the Apple Flesh, then added a little white to it to do the lip highlights.  And, I also did some highlights on the leggings with a bit of Codex grey with a touch of white in it.
I then worked on the belts in black, and then I did her eyes. Next I did her hair starting with a base coat of Americana 'Charcoal Grey', and then highlighting with a careful drybrush of Americana 'Moon Yellow', making sure I didn't get any on her shoulders or face.  I used a fine brush to do the yellow highlights in these areas that were close to these other colors. Finally I mixed the Moon Yellow with a bit of white, and picked out some highlighted strands of hair.
My last step was to do the metal canisters at her waist and in her hand as well as th belt buckles using delta Ceramcoat 'Metallic Copper, and 'Gold', as well as GW 'Chainmail'. I then gave each canister a light wash of black ink, to help define its shape. 
  When the figure had dried overnight, I gave it a brush coat of Delta Ceramcoat 'Matte Varnish', and then flocked the base. I flock bases by painting them with a mix of brown paint and white glue, and then sticking it into a little bowl of flock, making sure the whole base is well covered.  When dry I add bits of clump foliage or tall grasses.
Overall, I'm pleased with how this one came out, despite it's casting flaws. It was a good basic figure to work on my Bones painting techniques.

 Figure 3 of 264: complete.


  1. Hi Michael,
    For the clump foliage do you just get that at a craft store?

    1. I got mine form the local hobby shop in the model train department, but yes, craft stores usually sell it too in their school diorama departments. And of course game stores that carry miniatures usually sell it as well.
      And off course there are lots of online sources as well.
      (And it's Chris, not Michael) :-)

  2. Man, don't know where Michael came from, must be losing my mind! Sorry Chris!

    1. No worries! I'm terrible at names and am very capable of doing the same thing. :)