Monday, July 22, 2013

Historicon 2013: A Change in the Numbers

This past weekend I went to Historicon 2013 in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I had a good time, but could have done without the 95-100 degree heat and high humidity.  I was surprised to see that Reaper had a booth in the delaers' hall, as, like the name of the con implies, the general tone of the convention is geared towards historical miniature's gaming, and pure fantasy dealers seldom find it worth their while.  Maybe it was because they had to bow out of Origins this year, that Reaper decided to come and showcase their wares at H-con.  They had all their BONES on display, and it was neat to see some of the larger models all assembled . But, what I found most fascinating was these two examples of what they had done with a couple of the translucent models; drilling out a bit of the underside, and gluing them to battery powered tea-lights. The fire demon had no paint, while the ghost had it's empty hood painted black, and a nicely detailed base. 
The effect was super cool, and I really want to copy it, but I do not like the tall  3/4 inch tea-light as a base.  I would love to find something thinner to use. Do they make thin tea-lights? I've got to do some thinking about this.
Also, I must announce a change to the figure count.  One of my friends wanted a second Griffon, so I offered to trade him mine, and in exchange I got a second  Female Storm Giant and Darkrasp the Death Priest. So the count is minus one and plus two for a total of one additional figure.


  1. My buddy noticed some Bones in the Flea Market and grabbed me a golem! Can't wait until these make it to shops!

    1. Yes, I saw a couple folks in the flea market with them. Some had just a few extras, some had the whole Vampire box opened on their table for folks to chose from. I did the flea market on Sunday and had some of my friends extras, and they quickly sold out at a buck each. Makes me wish I had bought a second vampire set just to sell by the piece at the flea market. :-)

  2. You can gut those tealights to save some space, most of it is hollow plastic.
    How big the parts are varies a lot, but those I've checked are quite small. You should be able to hide the chip and wires inside the base if you build it up a bit.

    Another option is to run the wires outside the base and just keep the LED in the mini. Of course that means an unsightly battery pack somewhere close.

  3. I just happen to have some LED tea lights left over from another project. And a hand drill.

    I'm going to have to try this.