Thursday, March 5, 2015

Happy Day! My Bones II Box Arrived!

     Just wanted to let you all know that my Bones II box arrived this past Tuesday. Perhaps the closest an adult can get to that childhood Christmas-morning feeling. :)
      All components were present and accounted for:
Expansion Set 1 x1
Dragons Don't Share x1
Mashaaf, Great Old One x1
Water Elementals x1
2013 Core Set x1
    I must say that the packaging this year was very impressive, and a step up from last year's million little bags.   And, I think the "Dragons Don't Share" box is really beautifully designed. The "Thank You" note from all the Reaper employees was a nice touch too.
The big reveal as the box s opened.
     So, my plan for these is to work on them in a much more casual manner than I have been doing with the Bones I figures.   I am probably going to sort through these and not keep every single one like I did with Bones I. (Granted I did trade one of the Bones I figures to a friend. So not technically "every single one", but you get my point.)   I may try to post Bones II figures on the occasional Thursday, and still plug away at my usual Monday Bones I postings.
Everything laid out.


  1. Nice haul there, I got a lot less this go round, just two paint sets and the cube/ funds sucked and some of the deals to me were not deals as there were things that I wanted but would rather just buy at retail cheaper for what I want instead of paying the higher KS price for select things. Things they did better this time was distribution and the boxing, but they should go back to 1's concept on how they upgraded additional add on items in smaller lots.

    1. Yes, I agree that the first one was more customer friendly as far as offerings. I ended up not getting the second two expansions this time as there just wasn't enough there to make me justify the whole purchase. Like you, I figured i'd just buy any pieces I wanted after the fact.

  2. I just got the base set, the rats and an extra set of Gnolls (I love Gnolls...). I must say that you get part of the blame for this ;). I was not sold on the soft plastic concept but you showed with this blog that they are a very good medium to paint on.

    1. LOL. I'm innocent! :)
      Seriously though, I find them just as easy to paint as metal. It will be interesting to see as the years pass by how they hold up. Many of my older metal minis get dings and such on them from hitting each other in their storage boxes, or dropping in the floor, etc. It will be interesting to see if that same thing happens with these lighter weight minis.

  3. It’s great that they have gotten rid of the million tiny bags and just packed them in a larger box. It is more convenient, and it keeps the items in good condition. Anyway, I hope you’re having fun painting the ones you plan to keep. Thanks for sharing this with us, Chris. Have a great day!

    Brandon Bowman @ State Transport

    1. Thank you. I agree the little bags were a pain in the neck. I am having fun painting them, but finding I end up devoting a lot of time to Bones painting and have little time to part anything else.