Monday, July 30, 2018

Project Avalanche!

   I wasn't able to get a figure completed this week, as I found myself a bit buried in a number of different projects.
    A couple weeks ago, I recived my shipment from Secret Weapon's "Tablescape Dungeons: Mines" Kickstarter, and as rain and  humidity cooperated, I got them all spray primed.  This past week, I have been giving them their initial drybrush of Base Grey.  I'm using Dwarven Forge paints, based on their "How to Paint Dungeon Tiles tutorial, so hopefully they'll fit in a little better with my existing DF stuff.
   At the same time, I got a box of Perry's plastic War of the Roses troops, and since I got back from Historicon I have been busy assembling them in preparation for priming and painting; because (fool that I am!) I signed up to run a game with them at our club's regional con, BARRAGE, in two months!   So 40 of them need to get painted in 60 days!
   Even with these projects going on, I have been duly working on my next Bones post, having made good headway on my next figure, Ingrid, Female Viking; from the Bones 2, Heroes I set.
     I also got Goremaw, from Bones 3 Optional Rewards all washed, assembled, based, and ready to go.  I even got a first coat of purple slapped on him.   
      So I'm going to head back to the paint table now, and I will see you next Monday with my finished (finders crossed!) Ingrid!


  1. That's a great display of things to come! With the Perry Miniatures you set yourself quite the goal! I'll be looking forward to seeing how you get on.

    1. Thanks! I've painted the first stick of 4 WotR figures, and I timed myself; so now I know I can do 4 in about an hour and 45 minutes. Assuming I can maintain that rate, I can get most done in time for Friday. Now, they aren't going to be the quality I post here; but instead they will be very much a speed paint job with simple base colors and an Agrax Earthshade wash. Possibly followed by quick nose and cheek highlight dabs to help the face pop. Luckily these were guys who seldom bathed nor washed their cloths, so a grimy look works! :) Since they aren't Bones, if I post pictures of the end results it will be over on my other blog.