Thursday, August 24, 2017

Rauthuros, Demon: Bones 1 Figure

    Many years ago, I think it was abut a year after the first Bones Kickstarter was delivered, I picked up the Rauthuros figure from the Bones 1 add-on Demons set in a gaming convention flea market.   I started working on it shortly after that, and for some reason it got set aside in favor of other projects.  It continued to sit in various states of being undone over the years, with me feeling guilty enough every now and then to pick it up and dab a little more paint on it.
     Anyhow, I recently picked it up once again, and since there really wasn't much left to do on it, I set about finishing it once and for all.  Sadly, any photos of the project, or notes n what colors I used along the way, have long since been left behind on my old computer.
     When I first washed and assembled it, I mounted it on a 3"x 1.5" inch base with the intent of using it as a super huge colossal  demon boss with my 10mm armies for the "Bear Yourselves Valiantly" mass combat fantasy rules.  I figured he would still be usable on this base for regular 28mm use as well.
   Anyway, here he is.  I figured I'd go ahead and post him for thoroughness sake, since he was a Bones Kickstarter figure.
That's an impressive inch wingspan he has!

And here he s terrorizing a unit of 10mm High Elves.


  1. Oh, love 10mm stuff, and he would be a great blood thirster type for Warmaster (or other rules).

    1. I'm a big fan of 10mm too. For me it's the perfect balance between small enough to give a "mass" appearance, and still big enough to see details and ID troop types at a distance.
      It might be hard to fit him on a Warmaster base I would think! :)