Thursday, August 31, 2017

Bones 4 Kickstarter Enters Last Two Days!

  I just wanted to send my readers a reminder that there is only 2 days left to get your pledge in for the Reaper Bones 4 Kickstarter!  A great opportunity to get lots of great Fantasy, Pulp, and Sci-Fi minis at a really great price.
   Check out all you get for $100.  Plus, there are a lot more add-on figure sets you can get.
Just click here to get all the details:  Reaper Bones 4 Kickstarter

Here's a couple of preview videos they've posted.


  1. Other than aiding unlocking of new, potentially desirable items, is there any reason to put in money before the pledge manager opens?

    I am currently in for $1, but is there any need to put in an additional $50 before the pledge manager comes online? I.e. preferential pricing or something.

    1. As long as you have your $1 pledge in place you have your foot in the door and there is technically no reason to pledge more than that at this point. As you surmised, the only reason you would need to pledge more is if you wanted to help unlock more stuff. The prices won't change based on your pledge amount.