Thursday, November 17, 2016

Dolly, Familiar: Figure 263 of 266 or, Just 3 Figures Remaining.

    This week, I worked on another figure from the Familiar set, and painted up the homicidal Dolly. There's just one figure left to go in this set.
     Unfortunately, I forgot to take a beginning picture before I started painting it.  I began by giving the figure a wash with Reaper "Brown Liner" using a wet brush.  This was to help bring out the details so I could see them better. I then painted the head, hands, and feet all with Americana "Bleached Sand".  Next, I painted the dress with Ceramcoat "Opaque Red".
     Next, I painted her hair with Apple Barrel "Burnt Sienna", and then did her big button eye with Americana "True Blue". I painted her pouches with Ceramcoat "Territorial Beige", and then did the handle of her knife with Americana "Bittersweet Chocolate".  After that, I painted the knife blade with Americana "Zinc".
     Then, after everything had a while to dry, I gave the entire figure a wash with Citadel "Agrax Earthshade" wash using a wet brush.  When the wash was dry, I drybrushed her hair with Crafter's Acrylic "Pumpkin Spice".  I then highlighted the button eye with Ceramcoat "Denim Blue", and then added stitching to the face to represent the other eye and the mouth.  After that I highlighted her face, arms, and legs with Crafter's Acrylic "Light Antique White".
     Next, I highlighted her dress with a mix of the "Opaque Red" and Crafter's Acrylic "Tutti Frutti". I then added polka dots with White.  My next step was to highlight the pouches with Americana "Khaki Tan".  I then painted the knife blade with Folk Art Metallics "Gunmetal Grey", and then did highlights on his knife's blade with Folk Art "Silver Sterling".   Lastly, I painted her base with a 50/50 mix of Americana "Neutral Grey" and Americana "Mississippi Mud".
   Since this is a really hard figure to decipher in it's bare Bones state, I included shots from 4 angles to help folks with painting their own.

Here's a photo of her with the barbarian, Anval Thricedamned, to give a sense of her size! :)

    I'm really happy with how this little demonic cutie turned out. Just the right mix of cuteness and crazy.

Figure 263 of 266: Complete

3 figures remaining.


  1. Nice. You are a painting machine.

    1. Thanks, Jay! lol...I'm really trying to wrap things up before the Holiday craziness sets in. :)