Thursday, December 5, 2013

Spider Swarms: Figures 51 & 52 of 265

I did theses two spider swarms from the Vermin set as a quick project this week. I prepped these as usual, soaking them in water and dish soap first, then rinsing and drying.  I then primed them black with Krylon's Camouflage Flat Black with Fusion, as I planned to paint them mostly with drybrushing
These figures are a confusing mish-mash of legs and bodies, and I didn't really want to put the effort into figuring our which leg went with which body; so I did the whole bunch with a heavy drybrushing with GW "Shadow Grey". I then did a lighter drybrushing with Apple Barrel "Scotch Apple Blue".  Unfortunately I still couldn't really see individual spiders in the mass, so I tired painting some of the apparent 'ground' areas inbetween all the legs, with GW "Graveyard Earth" in hopes of providing some visual separation. 
After everything had dried, I painted the figures with Ceramcoat "Matte Varnish".  I let them sit over night, and the next day I carefully flocked them, which was a challenge with all the errant legs.  Then after that had a chance to dry, I sprayed the bases with Testor's "Dullcoat". 
I can't say as I'm really a fan of these pieces, as the sculpts are too jumbled in my opinion to be really effective.  But they're done now, and that's what counts. :)

Figures 51 & 52: Complete


  1. The sculpt isn't great but conveys enough of a sense a pile of icky bugs cavorting around. Rather throw away models overall, but two more done is two more done! :)