Monday, August 19, 2013

Flesh Golem and Clay Colem: Figures 30 & 31 of 265

Over the weekend I finished up  the second two figures from the Golems set, making this the first set for me to have completed. (Yay!)  I began by soaking both figures in water with dish soap in it, and then rinsing them, and gluing them to black primed fender washers. The Flesh Golem had some really bad flash along his arms and shoulders, which I tried to remove the best I could, but the many crevices of his muscles made this difficult.
    At first I started to paint the Flesh Golem with the same color I do my zombies with, but rethought that, as I didn't want him to look like just another zombie.  So instead of the green rotting flesh look, I decided to go with the bluish-pinkish-grayish  rotting flesh look. I wasn't sure how exactly I wanted to do this, as I didn't want him to end up looking purple.  So, as a trial, I painted one arm with Apple Barrel "Flesh" and the other with a mix of the "Flesh" and Duncan "Slate Blue".  Then over the pure flesh one I did a wash with Iron Wind Metals "Dark Blue' ink, and over the other arm I did a wash of the "Dark Blue" ink mixed with GW "Badab Black" wash. In the end, this second arm, was the one I liked best, so I painted his complete torso with a mix of the "Flesh' and "Slate Blue".
       Meanwhile, I had thought about what color I wanted the Clay Golem to be; and decided that when I think of clay I think of a grayish-tanish color.  So I thought I would try to give him that look.  So, I began by painting him entirely with Folk Art "Milkshake", which is a very neutral flesh color. I also decided I wasn't going to paint his little Speedo a separate color, as the whole idea of a Golem putting on a little pair of briefs just seemed silly to me; so I just assumed them to be a result of the modesty of his creator, and an inherent part of his body.
I then gave the entire Flesh Golem a wash with an even mix of  the"Dark Blue" ink and "Badab Black" wash.
And I gave the Clay Golem a wash with GW "Devlan Mud" wash.
When this had dried I felt that it was too brown, and made the 'clay' look too flesh like, so I went over it with a wash of the "Bedab Black" which helped grey it up a bit. When this was dry, I gave the whole body a quick drybrushing with Folk Art "Platinum Grey". To finish I added black dot pupils.
  I then did some drybrushing on the Flesh Golem's skin with a mix of the original colors again, then I went over the scar areas carefully and lightly with some of the "Milkshake" color to give them that whitish scar look. I then went and painted the pants on the Flesh Golem. I wanted a color that would contrast nicely with the bluish skin, so I chose GW "Vermin Brown", and I painted the rope holding up the pants with Folk Art "Barn Wood" Then I gave the pants and rope a wash with Windsor Newton "Peat Brown" ink.
  I then went back an did some highlighting on the rope and pants.  I painted his eyes with Americana "Buttermilk, and then gave then added black pupils.  His teeth and finger & toe nails I did with the "Platinum Grey"  His nipples I did with a little bit of black added to the original skin color.  When everything had dried, I gave both figures a coat of Ceramcoat "Matte Varnish", and then I flocked the bases.  I let them sit overnght, then sprayed them with Testor's "Dull Coat" the next morning.
     I'm pleased with how these turned out. I think the bluish-pinkish-grayish skin color really turned out looking effective. And the color for the Clay Golem, while not clearly shouting 'clay', I think still comes across as something other than skin.

Figures 30 & 31: Complete 


  1. I really like the grey / blue skin. It's unnatural and creepy, exactly as it should be.

    What kind of basing materials are you using? I don't think you've gone into much detail about that stuff in any of your articles.

    1. Thanks! Glad you like the skin color.

      I guess maybe I should do an entry on my basing technique. Maybe this Thursday that's what I'll do.

  2. Really enjoying these posts and your work!

    1. Thank you! Come back every Monday and Thursday for new posts!