Monday, August 12, 2013

Elf Paladin: Figure 25 of 265

This week I worked on one of the elf figures from the Original 30 Bones set. I wasn't sure who this elf was, so I searched the Reaper store but couldn't find him anywhere.  I finally resorted to doing a 'tag' search for "peacock" because of the bird on his shield, and that led me to this fellow: Turanil the Elf Paladin , who seems to be this fellow, but with the pose and armor changed a bit.
  This turned out to be a very frustrating figure to paint because I found a lot of the detail was missing or too soft for me to interpret; and I had trouble figuring out the exact arrangement of belts and armor, as well as where some of the armor began and ended. There were also casting errors in his hands and there were different areas where the plastic material seemed  to form creases within itself.
   I began with the usual bath in soapy water, then I glued him to a black-primed fender washer. I wanted to try something different this time: black priming only part of the figure.  So, I painted his armor and shield with black craft store acrylic and left his cape, hands, face and sword, all the natural Bones material.
 To start, I drybrushed his scaled armor tunic with Ceramcoat "Bronze" and his chest and hip plates with GW "Chainmail". I then went back over the tunic with Cermacoat "14K Gold" applying a very heavy highlighting. And then I went over the other armor with GW "Mithril Silver." I then painted the cape Americana "Salem Blue" and the belts and pouches Apple Barrel "Navy Blue."  The sword and dagger scabbards I did with Folk Art "Metallic Blue Sapphire"
 I also painted the shield with the "Navy Blue", and the inside of the shield with Ceramcoat "Walnut"
Next, I gave the cape a wash with Iron Wind Metals "Dark Blue" Ink.  I also painted the face and hands with GW "Elf Flesh". When the ink as dry on the cape, I added highlights to the raised folds with the "Salem Blue" with a bit of white added to it.
On the shield, I drybrushed the peacock with the "14k Gold" paint, and then filled in the area where I over-brushed with the "Navy Blue". This didn't work out as I had hoped, there was not enough relief in the design to allow the dry brushing to really pick out the individual sections of the peacock design, so I went back over it with some GW "Badab Black" Wash. This did the job but also muted the gold considerably, so I had to go back and paint the individual sections of the bird by hand to brighten them up.
I then painted the sleeve and the collar of his under tunic with Accent "Golden Harvest", and then gave a wash to his face and hands with Windsor Newton "Peat Brown" ink.  When that was dry I painted his hair Americana "Charcoal Grey"
When the hair was dry I drubrushed it with Americana "Moon Yellow" and then added highlights with Americana "Buttermilk. I painted the sword hilt with the 14K Gold" and the blade with "Chainmail". Then I gave the gold a wash with the "Peat Brown" Ink, and added "Mithil Silver" highlights to the blade. I painted the gems with GW "Enchanted Blue", adding the shadows with GW "Regal Blue" and highlights with the "Salem Blue" and white. Finally I painted the eyes. About this time I realized I hadn't painted his shoes, so I gave them a quick drybrush with "Chainmail" and highlights with "Mithril Silver" 
I then painted the base GW "Codex Grey" and then gave it a wash with the "Badab Black" wash. This was followed by some light drybrushing with GW "Fortress Grey". When everything had dried overnight I painted the whole thing with Ceramcoat "Matte Varnish", and when this had dried, I sprayed the figure with Testor's "Dull Coat"
Not a great paint job, but a nice basic one. I got frustrated early with this figure so after a while just wanted to get it done.

Figure 25 of 265: Complete.


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    1. Thanks!
      Not, that I think it looks bad, but if I had really loved the figure, I would have put more time into adding multicolors to the peacock, and some sort of decoration to the cape.