Thursday, October 12, 2017

Undying Lords: Elves, Dwarves, and Halflings Group Photo

  Last week when I posted my completed Halfling Rogues from the Bones 3 Undying Lord set, one of my readers suggested that I post a group photo of all three of the Undying Lords pairs I had painted these past three weeks: Halflings, Dwarves, and Elves.
  I thought it was a great idea, so here it is.  This gives you a better idea of the comparitve size of the three types of figures.
 I also thought to take a group shot with one of the Human skeletons from the Bones 2 Shambling Dead set to give an idea of how they stack up against a regular man-sized figure.


  1. They do make for an amazing group! I can't help but imagine coming up against them in a dungeon and having to fight my way through them. - Very cool to see the differing hights; it's not only that the dwarfes and hobbits are smaller but there is differentiation between all of them.
    I'm still very much impressed with the rust effects!

    1. Thanks! Yes, I agree they look great together. I'm glad I took the time to take these pictures, because I hadn't bothered to set them all out in a group like this before, and it really does show the effort the sculptors took to make each race individually identifiable in skeletal form. My only small quibble is I wish they hadn't felt obligated to retain the elves' hair and dwarves' beards. It does seem kind of silly that all other races lose their hair, but somehow the elves keep their long locks, and the dwarves keep their full beards...I guess they are actually rooted in the bone? :) I can forgive it as artistic license, and it is kind of a funny visual, but still...

      Thank you for the kind words regarding the rust. I wish I could say it was some magic trick I had developed and could pass along, but with each group it was really just me having fun splotching greys, browns and oranges on to the metal parts. I used these figures as an opportunity to just try random combinations of things to see what works, and I think the one thing I took away from it is that real worn rusty metal is so varied and splotchy and mottled enough that just about anything you do, as long as it isn't too uniform, will work. :)

    2. You're right - it's weird that only the Dwarfes and the Elves got to keep their hair. Hair does take pretty long to decompose, so I think it's ok to have some on skeleton figures, but then I shoud think the Halflings and Humans were not all bald!