Thursday, June 8, 2017

Bones 3 Kickstarter Shipment Arrives!

   Yesterday, my Bones 3 Kickstarter box arrived on my doorstep!  I snapped some photos as I opened it and sorted through it, so I could share with a you all a look at what I got.
The box...10 pounds of plastic goodness waits inside!

The first whiff of fresh Bonesium.   Ryan C did a great job packing: none of the lots were missing, however I still need to go through all the sealed bags and make sure the multi-part figures have all their pieces.

Everything all laid out.  Top row: Core Set box, Stoneskull Expansion box, Goremaw. Second row: Clear weapons sprues add-on, Bones 3 release schedule, How To Paint Bones pamphlet etc.,  Bases, and the Titans of the Tide add-on set. Third Row: Froghemoth add-on, 2 packs of the Undying Lords add-on set, Dagon Statue add-on, and an extra add-on set of the Lizardmen.

Froghemoth.  I was a little disappointed in this, as I was expecting it be a little more frog-like to use as a big baddie along side my Eureka Frog Warriors.  It, in fact, bears very little resemblance to a frog in any way.  I think I should have looked at the original art a little closer I guess.

Goremaw  The shear size of this is amazing, and I am really looking forward to painting it up.   I had purchased this with an eye towards the Frostgrave Worm Hunt scenario, only to have that opportunity for use pass me by by almost a year. 

Dagon Statue. I purchased this to use in my undersea games, or even in Frostgrave; but now am thinking it will be great for Ghost Archipelago. 

Titans of the Tide.  Here again, I purchased this for the Shipwreck Revenant to use with my harbor setting for Frostgrave, but I think both will be great for Ghost Archipelago.

Clear Weapons.  Had to get some of these just to play with.  I'm seeing some cool magic weapon uses...

Invisible Heroes.  Don't know what I'll do with these, but they sure are cool! 

The orignal core Core Set

The entire Stoneskull Expansion
    So for starter selections for the painting queue, I pulled the Thugs from the Stoneskull set because I know they will find immediate use in my Frostgrave warbands, and I may practice swapping some of the Core Set weapon sets on them; and I picked the Plant Monsters from Stoneskull as well, just for fun, as something easy and colorful to kick things off with. :)

     If there's anything particular any of you would like to see a close up of, let me know, and I will see about adding a photo of it here in the next couple days.

Here are the photos requested by Lasgunpacker:

I know Lasgunpacker didn't request this, but since he was asking about the clear weapon sprues, I  thought I'd show a sample of the grey that came with the Core Set as well.  As far as release date, the various weapon sets don't appear to have a date assigned, and are merely listed at the end of the pamphlet as "coming soon".  :(

The Savage Worlds set.  The figures are on the list for Spring/Summer 2017

I tried to get a close up of some of the faces, but the white Bones material is so hard to get good shots of.  Since he asked, I took the time to study them, and in my opinion I think they're some of the best faces I've seen in Bones.

Prett Deadly set.   Release date Summer/Fall 2017

Hobgobageddon.  Release date Summer/Fall 2017


  1. Looks like a lot of great stuff in there!

    Are those clear weapons polystyrene? What does the release schedule flyer say?

    As for figures I would like to see: Hobgoblins, "Pretty Deadly", and the savage world figures. The first two because they only had sketches and/or renders before, and the second because I want to see how well the faces came out in translation to bones.

    1. Thanks, Lasgunpacker. Yes, the clear weapon add-ons, and the regular (non-clear) weapon sprues (in grey) that came with the Core set are all hard polystyrene. The Wild West Oz set was also done in grey polystyrene. And from I understand a lot of the Graveyard components were as well. I'll check the schedule on those for you, as well as try to get those photos shot a little later today.

    2. Thanks so much! Given that it is already June, I would expect that all of the releases slip to the later end of their assigned band. That the faces are good on the Savage worlds figures ensures that they will end up "on the list".

      Polystyrene is very intriguing, particularly as it applies to Bones IV (and the inevitable V). Are the Oz figures very sharp?

    3. Yes, the Oz figures are very sharp. Perhaps even more so than new improved white Bones formula.

  2. Well, I am looking forward to your painting endeavors this Summer and Fall. Enjoy.

    1. Thanks, Jay, I will. :) With such an abundance of riches, I'm having trouble zeroing in on what to paint, and in what order. I keep pulling figures out to prep; more than I could reasonably paint in a couple months! But I guess that's half the fun. :)