Monday, September 30, 2013

Painting the Bones Rust Monster: Figure 36 of 265

This week I painted the Bones Rust Monster from the Original 30 Bones Set. As way of preparing to paint this figure, I got out my old 70's era D&D Monster Manual  to read a little about these monsters, to see if there was any kind of description as to coloring.  Unfortunately, there was not, but I did learn that they were rather un-aggressive beasts who dwell in deep dark subterranean places, going about their business of finding metal to munch on.  So, as I pondered what colors to paint my Rust Monster, the idea came in my mind of the pale pigment-less animals that you find in dark areas where the sun doesn't shine; and so I decided to give this look a try, as it would be something a little different.
   I began as usual, by washing the figure in some dish-washing soap, and then gluing it to a black primed 1" fender washer.  I then glued the washer to half a tongue depressor with a drop of white glue.
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As far as color, the name of the beast lead me to think in terms of reddish-brown. So to begin with I gave the whole thing a wash with Iron Wind Metals' "Chestnut Brown" Ink.  I used the ink full strength without water to dilute it. I had some issue with the ink beading on the Bones material, so I had to go back and apply more ink in the areas where it hadn't stuck the first time.  Eventually I got the whole thing covered
When the ink had dried I gave the figure a drybrushing with Folk Art "Almond Parfait" paint. I then added some White  to the "Almond Parfait" ,and gave a light highlighting drybrush to the figure with this mixture.
I then painted the claws with GW "Fortress Grey"  and the monster's "mouth" with GW "Tanned Flesh".  I then wanted to add some sort of decoration to the plain bland body.  As I was looking at the tail I noticed how it kind of looked like a face, and this gave me  the idea of adding a pair of "false eyes" camouflage to the tail.  After all, inhabiting dungeons with much meaner, hungrier, beasts, the Rust Monster probably developed some sort of survival tricks; and what better in dim dungeon light, then a pair of "false eyes" on your tail to confuse attackers as you run away.  So I painted two dark brown spots on the tail with Accent "Real Umber", and likewise, I painted the monster's eyes with the same color. I then added "pupils" to the false eyes by painting two white dots in the center of the dark spots. For the real eyes, I decided I actually wanted the brown dots to be the pupils, so I added a rim around them with GW "Blood Red".   I then added a tiny white fleck to the pupils to give them a shiny look.
    I then gave a wash of GW "Devlan Mud" wash to the claws and mouth.  When this had dried, I added some highlights with the original colors. I then painted the base with Americana "Mississippi Mud"
I let the figure and base dry overnight, then I painted the whole thing with Ceramcoat "Matte Varnish".  When this had had time to dry, I sprayed the figure with Testor's "Dullcoat."
Overall I'm pleased with how it looks.  It definitely came out looking strange, like something you'd find under a rock,(if not something like a boiled shrimp).  :)

Figure 36 of 265; Complete


  1. Nice, original colour scheme!

    The casting of the antennae looks quite bad, and I imagine removing that flash would be impossible. This is one of the great things about your blog - it shows case by case how these models look in this material.

    1. Glad you like the color scheme!
      You're right about the flash. It's one of the things I like least about the Bones figures; the flash is hard to see on the unpainted minis, and harder still to remove...even from thick stable parts, much less these fragile antennae.
      The flash issue is one of the things making me hesitant about the new Bones Kickstarter.

  2. Thank you for your blog. It gives me some courage to start attacking the mountain of metal/plastic/resin that I got at home.

    Paint on

    1. Glad to hear you are enjoying the blog and gettting some encouragement from it!