Saturday, June 6, 2015

Great Deal on Home Depot Craft Paint Set

I just want to let folks know that Home Depot home improvement stores are currently selling 24 bottle sets of DecoArt acrylic craft paint for $9.98.    Not a bad deal if, like me, you like using craft paint on you minis. And, it provided me with a lot of interesting colors that I probably never would have picked out on my own.


  1. How do you prepare these paints? Do you thin them with just water? I think I have the hang of the ink wash with a pinhead of soap, but I feel like I should be able to make better use of these craft paints

    1. Usually I don't do anything to them, but use them straight from the bottle. Some folks use water to thin them, and occasionally when I have a particularly old bottle I will add a little water. Also, Acrylic Flow Enhancer is used by some folks. Like any range of paints there will be some colors that cover better than others, so you need to play around with them. And you can't be adverse to having to do two coats of some colors now and then.
      In the end, it is really just personal taste, and what you build up experience working with. It seems there are just as many people who use craft paint almost exclusively (like me), as there are those who find it unusable to work with.