Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Painting Eyes Tutorial

This week I worked on the Nun from Bones II Pulp Action Set, (I'll be posting the full article tomorrow, Thursday May 7th) and I thought I would take the opportunity to give a quick tutorial on how I paint eyes.

        We pick up in the painting process at the point where I have painted the skin, and given it a wash with something to darken the recesses and crevices.  To do the eyes, first I paint the sockets black.  It's ok if you go outside of the actual sculpted eye.
      Next, I very carefully paint an area of white inside the black sockets that I just painted, being careful to leave a thin black rim around the area of white.
     I then go back and paint the pupils by doing vertical lines with black across the center of the eyes.
      I then take my flesh color and clean up anywhere that I have gone outside of the eye area.
     And that is how I do eyes. I hope this helps some of you who have been looking for an easy method.

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