Monday, March 17, 2014

Goblins Completed! Figures 71-73 of 265

     This week I finished the last three of the Goblins from the Dungeon Attack set.  As I mentioned in my previous Goblin posts,  I didn't want to paint them the same old green that has become so common for Goblins, so I consulted the D & D Monster Manual, and read up on Goblins.  It said that their skin color ranged from yellow, to dull orange, to brick red...nothing about green.  So, I decided to go with the middle of the range and paint them a dull orange-ish.
      To begin with though, I prepped them in the usual way; soaking in water with a bit of dish soap added, giving a gentle scrub with an old soft toothbrush, then rinsing and drying.  Afterwards, I primed them with Krylon Camouflage Flat Black with Fusion.  I then glued them to 1" fender washers with Aleene's Tacky glue, and then glued the washers to a tongue depressor with a coupe small dabs of Elmer's white glue, for ease of handling during painting.
     Like each time before, I began by painting all their exposed skin areas with Accent "Golden Oxide".   I then painted their Tunics with GW "Graveyard Earth", and the padded jerkin on the archer with GW "Scorched Brown".  I also painted  the fur areas on the neck of the mace Goblin, and the boots of the spear Goblin, with the "Scorched Brown."  I then dry brushed these areas with Folk Art "Barn Wood".  I then painted their hats with Americana "Avocado".
    Then I did the backs of the shields with Ceramcoat "Walnut", and then all the straps and belts with Americana "Asphaltum".  The Quiver I painted with Accent "Real Umber" and the arrow shafts with Crafter's "Spice Brown". I then painted the handle of the mace, bow, and spear shaft with the "Spice Brown". Next, I painted the fletchings by dry brushing them with the Folk Art "Medium Gray." The facings of the shields I left plain black this time. I painted the boots of the spear-wielding Goblin with GW "Snakebite Leather".
     My next step was to work on the stonework bases they were standing on.  I painted these with Duncan "Slate Grey", and then painted the blobs of vegetation sitting on the stones with DecoArt "Forest Green".  Next, I painted their teeth and the claws on their feet with Americana"Buttermilk".  Lastly I painted the metal armor, weapon and shield parts, and buckles with Accent "Princely Pewter".
    When all the paint was dry,  I washed the figures completely with some watered down Winsor-Newton Peat Brown Ink
     When the ink wash dried, I added highlights to their skin and clothing by repainting some of the raised areas with the base color.  I also added some highlights to the metal parts with Ceramcoat "Metallic Pewter", and highlighted their teeth and claws with the "Buttermilk". I also painted their eyes with the "Buttermilk", and added black pupils.  Then, after everything had time to dry, I painted on a coat of Ceamcoat "Matt Varnish".  When this had dried I flocked the bases.  Even though they were sculpted to look like dungeon floors, I wanted to use my Goblins in outdoor settings, so I flocked them to look like perhaps the Goblins were standing on parts of old ruins or an overgrown path.  After the flock had dried, I sprayed the figures with Testor's Dullcote.

     I'm pleased with how these last three turned out, and am happy to see the Goblin chapter  finally closed.  Below is a picture of the whole gang of them, and I think they make a nice mob of malicious Goblininess. :)

Figures 71-73: Complete


  1. The small variations you did with the clothing colours makes them look much more unique. The group of them together turned out very nicely.

    1. Thanks. That was he goal, so I'm glad to hear you feel it was successful.

  2. So will my humans be in trouble next week?

    1. Ha! I don't think you're humans have anything to worry about knowing my luck. :)

  3. That is a very nice horde of old skool Gobos Sir!