Monday, June 6, 2022

Not Bones, But A Big Terrain Project!

     For the past three weeks, all my hobby time has been taken up with a big terrain project I am doing for a "Wars of Ozz" game I'll be helping run at Historicon in July:  making the walls for an Attack on the Emerald City" game.  
    Besides painting Reaper Bones, my other big figure painting effort is currently figures for the "Wars of Ozz" rules by Old Glory.  I was part of the playtest group that helped develop the rules, and now that in-person conventions are resuming I will be helping with the demo games as well.  
   So in the end, this means I didn't have time to complete any figures this past three weeks.  I thought that instead perhaps, I would show some photos of the wall project in progress. I know it's not Bones, but it's all I have to offer at the moment.
Over the course of two sessions, a group of us on the "Wars of Ozz" demo team got together and spend several hours cutting and gluing all the parts for the wall. 

We then assembled everything.

Then it was time to base coat everything with a paint and Mod-Podge mixture.

I then worked on painting the walls.  I have them completed now, so will be turning my attention to building and painting the towers. 

This is the info about the game.  


  1. Not bones, but still exciting. It has been a long time since I have read any of the Oz books besides Wizard, so I do not have the greatest recall of the other nations, but it still seems very interesting!